about the practice

About The Practice

My practice was born with a vision to create a modern, complete gynecologic wellness space.  I saw a need as a board-certified OBGYN with several years of experience in Tampa Bay to meet a need the traditional OBGYN office was not meeting. Busy waiting rooms, rushed visits, your doctor out for delivery and not available. I am sure you’ve been there.  

You want personalized, high-quality care. The ability to quickly and easily communicate with your doctor. A doctor who’s there for you when you need her. Every visit. Every call. Every time.

My mission is to create an intentionally intimate office setting to allow for my undivided attention and time with you. You deserve it. We use a tech-efficient system that integrates your care – online scheduling, virtual consults, streamlined office visits, and follow up chat options with me to meet your healthcare needs and goals.  I aim to become your true women's health care partner.  To get back to the basics of medicine - where the patient-physician relationship is at the heart. Where we can do better, together.